Favorite sustainable project:

skinnySCAR / Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman

This project  has not really to do with Solar Panels or that kind of sustainability. It is about using the leftovers of the urban tissue and fill in the blanks. In this way it contributes to sustainability because it makes the city denser rather than enlarging both the city footprint as the city ecological footprint.


Favorite Dutch design:

Walter Wallet: walterwallet.com


Best advice I’ve ever gotten: 

Michiel relax, take it easy.


Best/worst joke I know: 

My parents had me believe that the special lump on the back of my skull was because I was especially good at Mathematics. I proudly told this story to my friends at secondary school, who of course didn’t believe me. When reporting back to my parents, they laughed and said it was just a weird lump that runs through our family.


My personal drive in this project:

I would like to do my part in a more sustainable future. By working together in a team I believe that we can have a bigger influence!

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