Favorite sustainable project:

Zaha Hadid Architects’ wooden football stadium.


Favorite Dutch design:

My mom has a small practice which gives neurofeedback to patients. This helps the brain permanently with self-regulation. For that, patients have to sit comfortably still with sensors on their heads for almost an hour and watch a movie. Staying still so long can be a bit hard and uncomfortable, so that’s why my mom asked my dad, who designs machines, to build her a chair which can adapt to different positions, so keeping still is made easier for patients. The design is a half-moon shaped chair of aluminium, that rotates around its axes.


Best advice I’ve ever gotten: 

‘Delete Facebook of your phone, you’re addicted’ –  team members Bauke and Michiel


Best/worst joke I know: 

Michiels beard


My personal drive in this project:

Imagining my future grandkids to not being able to breathe properly, because of current generations consuming too much. I do not want to see this become reality, and the Solar Decathlon is the place where I’ll start doing something about it.   

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