Our team consists of  20 students from the Eindhoven University of Technology. We aim to enlarge and diversify our team.

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Hanne Potters
Team Manager
Nathan Dupas
Design/Construction Manager
Marianna Angelini
Communication Manager
Jeffrey Tsang
External Relations Manager
Aron den Otter
HR Manager/External Relations
Karim Jaspers
Architectural designer
Jasper Knijff
Building Systems
Lisan Warffemius
Lead Architectural Designer
Erwin Ketelaars
Architectural Designer
Guido van Laar
Sustainability & Architectural Designer
Ipek Topalkara
Architectural Designer
Yang Chiang
External Relations
Julie Kirsch
Lead Structural Designer
Naeem Kantawala
Structural Designer
Meril Liis Kütt
Energy Team
Apoorva Maheshwari
Energy Team
Ruben van Wuijtswinkel
Lead Building Physics
Sven Westerop
Building Physics Team
Vandhana Kannan
Mila Kovacev
Lead Urban Designer
Leah van der Sanden
Communication Team