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We still have some vacancies left. Participating in a student team is a great experience and a great opportunity to put the skills you developed into practice.

You can join the team in three different ways:

  • Full time (approximately 30 hours a week)
  • Part time (at least 12 hours a week)
  • By doing a project for your study (depending on the project)

For all three options we ask to have enough flexibility to put more hours in our team if needed.

If you are interested in one of the functions send your motivation to and we can make an appointment.

System control

VIRTUe is looking for people working on the control part of the systems in LINQ. This means:

  • Interface with design teams and other disciplines to lead efforts in the development in the instrumentation and controls design
  • Meeting with design teams to understand the energy and comfort requirements as per the competition criteria
  • Assisting in creating building automation system architecture and meeting with 3rd party companies that will assist us in hardware and software
  • Knowledge or ability to learn of building systems control including commercial HVAC systems, lighting, etc. where for e.g. creating interfaces to override temperature set points, on/off is possible
  • Building an intelligent system that controls different house systems (HVAC, lighting, appliances). E.g. The system can send signals to appliances to operate based on available hot water and weather forecast. The system HVAC temperature set-point changes based on weather conditions and forecast. Machine learning to reduce demand loads. Lighting is operated based on occupancy sensor and daylight sensor
  • Determine, select, and specify instrumentation and controls required to monitor, operate and control mechanical, process and electrical systems
  • Produce logic diagrams, control narratives and wiring diagrams


  • Excellent organizational and problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong time management skills


We are looking for a programmer at VIRTUe for the smart system of LINQ. The smart system connects all the appliances and systems in the house with an app, website and a clock. Are you:

  • studying ICT, Data Science, Computer Science or doing a master in System & Contol?
  • have knowledge about Python?
  • can do basic Data Analysis
  • have basic C-sharp knowledge?

Come and join team VIRTUe, because we are looking for you!


Create a detailed plan of how our house should be transported from Eindhoven to Dubai and back. Get in contact with international transportation companies to schedule this trip and make it as sustainable as possible.

Event Manager

Keeps track of interesting events for VIRTUe to either participate or visit, and makes sure sufficient members, materials, planning and script are arranged. Events include brainstorms, lectures, fairs, etc. Responsible for organising events for the exposure of the team. Has experience with organising these types of events.


  • Organising skills
  • Structured
  • Proactive


For the most important contest of the whole competition we are still looking for people. Do you want to have the chance to change something in the building industry?

  • Finding the most sustainable solutions and options
  • Make people aware of the most sustainable life choice
  • Make a Life Cycle Assessment to raise awareness of LINQ’s impact on the environment.

Sustainable Transportation

For this function you will collect knowledge about electrical vehicle chargers and look for the best way to charge an electrical vehicle. The vehicle is provided by the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 organisation. It is the job of VIRTUe to charge and drive the car as sustainable as possible.

High-fidelity prototyping

Are you interested in making a high-fidelity prototype of a clock that ensures interaction between a smart system and the user? An important aspect in LINQ is the smart system that connects every application and system in the house to measure the energy generation and consumption. To educate the people, the system should communicate the data to the inhabitant. Not only will this be done by an app or website but also by a physical clock in the house.

Mechanical Engineer

A sustainable house calls for innovative home devices and an efficient HVAC system. Work with companies and experts to make our house as efficient as possible and make sure everything will work in the end.


The main focus lies on finding collaborations between VIRTUe and companies for both financial and material resources. Therefore, participating in events to get in contact with companies and present us as a professional team will be an important task.