Solar Decathlon

We are VirTUe, a student team from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Follow us on our journey to the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018.
Please keep in mind that this site is still under construction.


Right now we live in an era where society needs to drastically change the way it uses its resources, and people need to be made aware of this fact. A healthy and sustainable world that is capable of producing enough energy for its consumption, that is not restricted by scarce resources and that is not impacting the climate is the ultimate goal. This is a challenging transition and many roads lead to this future. Our mission is to help navigate the way to a sustainable future. The focus is on helping humans change their habits in a sustainable manner, thereby tackling high-consumption problems down to its core.


The Solar Decathlon provides us with the amazing opportunity to act upon our mission and present our design solution on a global scale. VirTUe will put in our everything to make its design a reality. A design that can make the world a better place.

A design, where innovation starts.


Here we keep you up to date on our process

October 2016

July 2016

Introducing: Team VirTUe

By | July 15th, 2016|Categories: team|

Welcome to our first ever blogpost! It is time to introduce ourselves. We are team virTUe, a group of 16 honours students from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). We are an interdisciplinary team, doing a [...]