VIRTUe strives for smart technology, sustainable building and city planning for solving environmental, social and economical sustainability problems.



We are a Dutch student team from Eindhoven University of Technology. Follow us on our journey to design, build & operate the world’s most sustainable house and urban solution for the Solar Decathlon Europe 2021 in Wuppertal, Germany!



VIRTUe is building a house and designing an urban concept that trasform the built environment and inspire people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.


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Vlog #17: Demounting LINQ!

December 23rd, 2018|

We are closing our Dubai chapter with the last vlog of Team VIRTUe’s first generation! We demounted LINQ and the team travelled back to the Netherlands. At the moment, LINQ is on the boat and in a few months we will make a decision about where to rebuild LINQ and we start recruiting the next VIRTUe team! We would like to thank you all for your support, and wish you all a Merry Chirstmas and see you in 2019!

Vlog #16 Final award ceremony!

December 5th, 2018|

Ready for some tension, excitement and great fun? Watch our latest vlog about the last days of the SDME2018! In case you’re curious about our achievements within the different contests of the SDME, visit the home page of our website: www.teamvirtue.nl

Vlog #15 Bregje and Joep take over!

December 3rd, 2018|

The competition is in full swing! Watch our latest vlog to learn more about juried tours, dinner parties and award ceremonies. Also be aware of Bregje and Joep taking over!


4 days ago
Brainport Eindhoven

It is a real honour for us to have Brainport Eindhoven sharing our brainstorming activity in preparation for Solar Decathlon Europe 2021 - Wuppertal!
We are excited not only about developing a ... See more

No, Team VIRTUe is not just playing with LEGO 🧱 here. The students of the TU Eindhoven are very busy and creative to determine the concept for a sustainable home 🏠. With the help of LEGO, they ... See more


As the engineers of the future, we have a responsibility to tackle global sustainability problems. These problems are not just environmental but also social and economic.

In Dubai, with its tropical desert climate and extensive city growth, it is even more urgent to overcome these challenges. We want to show the world our solution to a more sustainable built environment at the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018.


Our concept, LINQ connected to improve, is unique; LINQ lets smart technologies complement and strengthen each other, LINQ stimulates people to use, personalize and learn from these technologies and LINQ creates a social environment in which people interact and share experiences with each other. This way, LINQ connects people and technologies to improve efficiency, collaboration and quality of life of current and future generations.


The concept of LINQ is translated into an apartment complex with the same name, to be located in an existing neighborhood in Dubai. This neighborhood is transformed into a lively community, diverse in terms of people, functions and opportunities for interaction. LINQ contains social facilities and a lush green atrium connecting different floors and shared spaces. It runs on a net-zero solar energy system, innovative technologies and a smart system that stimulates the users to live in an efficient and sustainable way.

On the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018, we portray our vision by building one of the apartments of LINQ.