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The start of the Solar Decathlon Middle East!

November 9, 2018

Our adventure has started! The whole team is in Dubai and we are busy constructing LINQ and preparing for the competition phase. 

Building process

After some delay on the first building day – due to our containers not being released by customs in time – we managed to catch up pretty quickly. During the first five building days, we managed to lay the foundation and place all the structural elements of LINQ. After that, we focused on installing the electrical systems and the pipes and ducts and we placed the ramps. Simultaneously, a part of the building team already started on the outside and inside finishes. The bio composite façade panels are attached to the walls for the biggest part and they look fantastic. Also, we started on placing the green wall system, the concrete bench and the closet around the core module of LINQ. The building already looks great and definitely stands out between the other teams, that are (mostly) building rectangular shaped, grounded houses.  

Picture by Greyfriars Photograpy

Visit of the Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

On the seventh of November, Hans Sandee, the Consul-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Dubai visited our building site, together with Jeroen Schillings (Economic Advisor) and Jan Taeke Galama (Junior Economic Advisor). We picked them up with our orange bicycles at the entrance of the Solar Hai and cycled around the area to show how all the teams were doing. After that, they got a tour around LINQ and we did a small interview with Hans Sandee, which will be published soon. The visit of the Consul-General as well as the reveal of our orange bicycles got a lot of attention from the other teams and the organization of the SDME 2018. Also, Hans Sandee was impressed by the competition, our team and the story and design of LINQ.  

Picture by Greyfriars Photograpy

What's next?

During the upcoming week, we will install the last electrical work, we will attach all the finishes and we will place all furniture and accessories. This needs to be finished on the 12th of November to present a finished LINQ during the opening ceremony of the SDME 2018 on the 14th of November. During the competition phase, many events will take place. For example, we will give guided tours to visitors, energy measurements will be done in the house and members of the different juries will drop by and listen to our story. There is still a lot to prepare, but we are confident that we will manage and that LINQ will do great in the competition! 

Picture by Greyfriars Photograpy

Stay updated

A nice way to follow our team’s adventure in Dubai is by watching our vlogs (video logs). In these vlogs, our team members will tell you all about our progress and events in a fun yet informative manner. Every few days, we post a new one on our YouTube channel: 

Additionally, our process is captured by professional photographer. His pictures can be found via the following link:  

And finally, you can follow us via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and our website.   

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