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Near the end of SDME 2018!

November 26, 2018

Now that we are halfway into the competition we would like to give you an update on how we are doing here in Dubai! The 7thofficial competition day just started and we have been very busy the last week. We gave public tours and juried tours, we organized events and energy measurements took place in LINQ.

Juried contests


On the 22nd of November, we received the second prize for the Communication Contest with 79.13 out of the 80 available points! We are very proud of this achievement, since the competition was great. Team EFdeN from Romania won the first prize. They have already been working for ten years and became one of the biggest national platforms to put sustainability on the agenda in their country. Because of their inspiring story, we feel like they deserved to be the winner and we even feel more proud that we became second with less than one point difference. The jury greatly appreciated our creativity, enthusiasm and the many events we organized for all our different target groups. 


Next to communication, we also gave juried tours to the juries of Sustainability and Engineering and Construction. For both contests, we scored the fifth place, with 89,47 out of the 100 available points for sustainability and 94 out of the 100 available points for engineering and construction. During the next few days, the juried tours of Architecture and Energy Efficiency are on the planning and Innovation will be judged.   


Every day, we receive updates on our score and our position varies a lot, which is mainly due to the fact that the points for the measured contest are changed every minute. For Sustainable Transportation, we are now 3rdin the ranking with very little difference between the first three places. Due to some problems with the installations during the first few days, we are not scoring very well on the measured contests Energy Management, Comfort Conditions and House Functioning. For these contests combined, we are currently at the 9th place. However, we managed to fix many of the problems already, so we hope to improve our scores for the second part of the competition. 


With an extra 2 bonus points for good Health & Safety behavior during the construction phase, we are currently 5th place in the ranking. The ranking at this moment can be seen below.


Ranking on 24/11/2018
Rank Team Score Country


Virginia Tech 582.74 USA
2.  EFdeN 555.73 Romania
3.  Baitykool 542.92 France/Palestine
4.  Sapienza 537.21 Italy
5.  VIRTUe 497.31 The Netherlands
6.  UOW 497.08 Australia
7.  TDIS 487.45 Taiwan
8.  AquaGreen 483.91 UAE
9. KSU 470.41 Saudi-Arabia
10. Jeel 457.70 UAE
11. Know-Howse 441.40 UAE
12.  Aurak 367.95 UAE
13.  MizanHome 360.87 Malaysia
14.  ORA 291.10 UAE
n/a NYUAD 0.00 UAE (this team did not finish building)



Next to the juried tours and measurements, we guided many people around LINQ during the last week. We have a very prominent spot on the Solar Hai and our green wall and atrium attract many visitors, which makes LINQ one of the most popular buildings for visitors on the Solar Hai. 


Next to that, we already organized a yoga workshop, a Dutch language course and two dinner parties where we had to cook dinner in LINQ and host 6 guests from the other teams. Those dinner parties were good fun and a nice way to get to know the other teams. After the final dinner party which is taking place this evening, all teams have to judge each other’s dinners and ambiance. We served a pumpkin soup, followed by croquettes of ‘stamppot’ and a dessert with ‘pepernoten’, ‘stroopwafels’ and ice cream; so far our guests liked it a lot!


Picture by Greyfriars Photograpy

And finally, just before the competition started the Consul-General of the Netherlands in Dubai visited LINQ along with many fellow Dutch companies and partners located in Dubai.During this event, we also revealed the Stella Lux of TU/e’s Solar Team Eindhoven, that we took with us to Dubai. We did this to show the public a complete picture of living in the future. Stella Lux attracts a lot of attention and people are thrilled to take a ride around the Solar Hai. 

Picture by Greyfriars Photograpy

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Greetings from Dubai!  

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