Dubai Workshops Day 1

After a Sunday of traveling, the four of us arrived at Dubai airport. Unfortunately only two of the suitcases arrived, which meant that the next morning, before the company visits and before entering the Dubai Solar Show, we had to rush to a H&M to buy clothes that made us presentable. Seven and a half minutes after entering the store we were outside again desperately looking for a taxi. Noortje and Jorn arrived exactly at the opening time at the WETEX 2017 conference. In the meanwhile Rikke and Annine went to visit the Dutch design centre where they talked to representatives of several companies. One of the visited companies was Skyne, a Dutch branding company. Afterwards they traveled to the southern part of Dubai where they visited Witteveen+Bos. We want to thank the companies for welcoming us.

At the Dubai World Trade Center where the Dubai Solar Show was taking place, Jorn en Noortje attended multiple seminars about dust and soiling problems for solar panels in the Middle East. After lunch, we found the beautiful stand of the Solar Decathlon, where the models of all the participating teams were exhibited. Many of the other teams were present as well, so it was fun to meet other decathletes and to talk about their designs and models. It was really nice to see that the ambiance between the teams is very amicable.
We enjoyed the end of the day at marina where we had a nice walk and a tasty dinner. Then finally we had some well needed sleep.