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Hey, are you interested in joining VIRTUe? Currently we are recruiting a new team to take on the next challenge. On this page you can find all the info you need about what you could do within the team.

To apply, just send an email to [email protected]. In your application you should include what function(s) you are applying for, your CV and a motivation letter.

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Any applicant should meet the following requirements:

  • Interested in sustainability
  • Affinity for the built environment
  • Professional attitude
  • Willing to commit to VIRTUe until completion of the project (summer 2020)
  • Available at least 20 hours a week in the first year and 32 hours a week in the second year. (This comes down to doing at most 2 courses per quartile in the first year and at most 1 in the second, and probably about 10 hours a week on top of a regular workload)

NB: Please be advised that the function descriptions are guidelines. If you don’t fit the bill 100% but are passionate about the function and being part of VIRTUe, and most importantly, are willing to learn, don’t be afraid to apply anyway!


As a board member of VIRTUe, you have the following responsibilities:

  • Overall planning concerning the whole team
  • Guaranteeing the planning is executed by the team
  • Organisational decision making

Every board member also has specific responsibilities, see each discipline for more info:


  • Face of the team, within and outside the team
    • Spokesperson, next to communication manager
    • Chair general members meetings
    • Chair advisory board meetings
  • Managing team members (human resources)
    • Hold members accountable for their responsibilities
    • Call out team members that are not functioning properly
    • Ensure team members feel good in the team
    • Try to find solutions for problems within the team with the members concerned
    • Manage recruitment of new members
    • Organise evaluations
  • Primary contact person TU/e and Solar Decathlon organisation
  • Maintain contact with other teams in SD and other student teams at TU/e
  • Chair of board meetings
  • Process the info mail
  • Managing bank account in case of absence financial manager
  • Board Stichting Team VirtueNL (implications will be explained in interview)

We are looking for someone who:

  • Is a good planner and can keep an overview
  • Has strong leadership skills
  • Has a strong sense of responsibility and can handle pressure
  • Is people oriented
  • Can be critical in a constructive way
  • Isn’t afraid to have difficult/sensitive conversations
  • Can listen to other people, is willing and able to think with them and tries to understand them
  • Likes organisational work
  • Is a good presenter
  • Is charismatic
  • Can delegate tasks

  • Representation of VIRTUe towards (potential) partners
  • End-responsible relationship management with external parties
  • Determine the value proposition of VIRTUe together with communication management
  • Manage resources progress, strategy and prioritization
  • Manage and delegating tasks among resources team members
  • Keep the overview of promises and relationships
  • Communicate with other managers on resources progress and needs

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has a professional, representative appearance
  • Is people focused, not afraid to approach people
  • Is determined, has a pro-active attitude
  • Has good planning and organisational skills
  • Likes and is good at networking
  • Follows through on promises and conversations
  • Is able to make decisions
  • Is stress-proof, can handle responsibility
  • Can delegate tasks

  • Make cost estimate of the whole project
  • Guard the budget
  • Pay invoices, manage the bank account
  • Make invoices
  • Process declarations from team members
  • Contribute to writing subsidy applications
  • Financial administration and advice
  • Board of Stichting Team VirtueNL (implications will be explained in interview)

We are looking for someone who:

  • Is willing to learn (we do not expect you to be able to do all of this before you start!)
  • Can work precisely and structured
  • Likes bookkeeping and preferably has experience with that
  • Can set boundaries and communicate them

  • Lead the team of lead designers
    • Keep track of the overall design process and make sure all disciplines are represented in the design
    • Organise and structure the design team and process, which includes documentation and quality control
    • Oversee integration of the timelines of different disciplines in relation to the overall planning
    • Ensure design decisions are being made at the appropriate moment in the timeline
  • Competition strategy, risk management and policy making
  • Organise and meet deadlines for deliverables
  • Ensure close communication between resources and design team
  • Later on in the process: construction management
    • In collaboration with a second construction manager/team
    • Working with construction companies to plan the building phase
    • Close contact with all external parties involved in building
    • Manage the building team
    • Ensure health and safety standards are respected

We are looking for some one who:

  • Is willing to understand each discipline on a general level
  • Can prioritize and can manage needs and priorities from different disciplines
  • Is goal-oriented, rational, impartial
  • Has strong leadership skills
  • Has good planning and project management skills
  • Is open minded
  • Is able to work in a structured manner
  • Is able to make decisions
  • Is stress-proof, has a make it happen attitude
  • Is interested in value engineering and analysing cost/benefit relations
  • Can delegate tasks

  • Spokesperson, next to team manager
    • Able to tell the story of the whole project, and should therefore learn about all facets of the project
  • Contact person for media
  • Maintain contacts with other teams in the competition and other student teams at TU/e
  • Maintain contacts with external partners related to communication
  • Lead the communication team, which is responsible for
    • Making and executing a communication plan
    • Developing and sustaining the corporate identity of the team
    • Project representation
    • Online presence
    • Media coverage
    • Partner representation
    • Events

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has good presentation skills
  • Is people focused, not afraid to approach people
  • Is creative and energetic, but realistic
  • Has good planning and organisational skills
  • Likes and is good at networking
  • Follows through on promises and conversations
  • Experience with social media management and project communication is an asset


The role of lead designer is similar, regardless of the discipline, therefore we have a general function description for all lead designers. Specific requirements and descriptions can be found at each discipline. Responsibilities:

  • Overall project planning with other lead designers and design manager
  • Represent your discipline in the lead design team
  • Development of overall concept of the project
  • Design decision making
  • Lead a team of designers/engineers in your discipline:
    • Oversee the design of elements in your discipline and ensuring integration of those elements in the overall design
    • Quality control of the elements designed by designers in your team
    • Make sure the parts of deliverables related to your discipline are finished in time
    • Communicate with members of different teams about issues such as resources, finances, public relations, etc.
  • In collaboration with resources, have contact with external parties for the realisation of the design
  • Collaborate with the communication team to make sure the design is presented well and accurately

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has management and leadership skills
  • Is able to delegate tasks
  • Is knowledgeable in their respective discipline
  • Is willing to learn about different disciplines and can look at design questions from multiple perspectives
  • Has good time management and planning skills
  • Is a good team player, lives up to responsibilities and asks/gives help when needed
  • Has good interpersonal and communication skills

Is enthusiastic, energetic and pro-active

  • (Prospective) master student Architecture or equivalent experience in architectural design
  • Experience with realisation is an asset
  • Discipline includes:
    • Architectural design and detailing, interior design, urban context, vegetation and landscaping
    • Overseeing execution of architectural design during building phase
  • (Prospective) master student Structural Engineering or equivalent experience in structural engineering
  • Experience with realisation is an asset
  • Discipline includes:
    • Structural design, structural calculations, construction order
    • Overseeing execution of structural design during building phase
  • (Prospective) master student Building Physics & Services or equivalent experience in building physics
  • Practical experience is an asset
  • Discipline includes:
    • Acoustics, building envelope (inc daylight) and fire safety
  • (Prospective) master student Building Physics & Services or Mechanical Engineering or equivalent experience in building services
  • Practical experience is an asset
  • Discipline includes:
    • Indoor environment and plumbing
    • Appliances
  • (Prospective) master student Electrical Engineering or Sustainable Energy Technology or equivalent experience in electrical energy systems
  • Practical experience is an asset
  • Discipline includes:
    • Solar energy systems, storage systems, distribution systems (grid)
  • (Prospective) master student Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering: systems and control track or equivalent experience in software engineering
  • Practical experience is an asset
  • Discipline includes:
    • (Designing an infrastructure for) data gathering and analysis
    • Development of a control system
    • Design of a user interface


If you don’t necessarily want a managing function or lead design function you can still apply for a full time position in the team. You can apply for the following functions:

  • Communication team
    • Graphic design
    • Photo and video (shooting and editing)
    • Social media
    • Event management
    • Webmaster
    • Note: You do not apply for one task, but for communication team member, who will do one or more of these tasks. Do however specify what tasks you are interested in / good at in your application
  • Resources team
    • You will work on acquisition and will lead negotiations with companies about sponsoring contracts
    • You will work closely together with the (lead) designers and engineers in one or more disciplines to find and land resources for them
  • Designers and engineers
    • You can apply for positions in:
      • Architecture
      • Structural engineering
      • Building physics
      • Building services
      • Electrical energy systems
      • Smart system (designer)
      • Smart system (developer)
    • In your motivation letter, specify what your specialisation/main interest is within the discipline and what kind of tasks/subjects you see yourself working on