VIRTUe & Social Innovation

LINQ is going to be one of the sustainable houses in Dubai.¬†Innovations and¬†technology¬†that shape sustainability is part of¬†VIRTUe’s¬†core vision.¬†One of these innovations is the green atrium.

The¬†green atrium¬†is¬†a common space for¬†neighboring apartments. It forms the vertical connection between all the building¬†parts.¬†The lush green wall, made possible by our partners Nature’s Green and DuPr√©,¬†isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but functional as well. Within the apartment complex the plants¬†control¬†the inside temperatures from rising,¬†reducing¬†the load on the electrical¬†cooling¬†systems.

Picture by Bart van Overbeeke