Visiting Dubai: Day 5

Today was the last whole day of the trip. The group went to the American University of Sharjah and to the Dutch Design District of Dubai.

On arrival we noticed that not only Dubai exceeds in scale, but the emirate of Sharjah too. Their University City was spread over a huge area. We were warmly welcomed by Linda Angell, the International Exchange Program Director of the university. We had a conversation that led to new insights, mainly about campuslife and the high pace of change in the UAE.

When we arrived at the Dutch Design Centre we got introduced to three big Dutch companies: Skyne, Ahrend and Keller Keukens. They’re forming a strong coalition to represent Dutch design in Dubai, and they are really enthusiastic to get VIRTUe involved. According to them the steps we’re taking are in the right direction.

Tomorrow, we will return home. But before we do we will end the journey with a meeting at the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy!