Another Trip to Dubai: Day 1

This day the six team members of the Dubai excursion visited the southern part of Dubai, one of the wealthier areas of the city.

In lovely, sunny Dubai the weekend starts at Friday. Therefore it is the quietest day of the week and also the reason why the only crowded area today was around the main infrastructural part: Sheikh Zayed Road, a monstrous 12 lane highway plus metro that runs through the city and parallel to the coast. It was very quiet in the usually busy neighbourhood of Dubai Marina, an area with high density, which is shaped by skyscrapers. Afterwards the newly built monorail took us to the Palm Jumeirah. Both of them were very intriguing because of their sizes and their luxury. After this we visited residential areas which contrasted enormously in height of buildings, despite being next to each other. It also feels like the amount of cars on the driveways is the same as bikes in the Netherlands. We talked to expats (people who work and live in Dubai but don’t originate from there) about what it’s like to live here.

We won’t get a lot of sleep tonight, because tomorrow we’ll be watching the sunrise at a height of 555 meters!